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Dream Factory Entertainment

DREAM FACTORY ENTERTAINMENT 娱乐梦工厂 is the brainchild of entrepreneur Isaac (小马), the song writer and Eileen, the artist manager. Both of the founders have years of experience working in Taiwan music industry.

Inspired by an artist friend’s idea they then set up the company in Malaysia in year 2009 aiming to bring in more artists and performances for the benefits of audiences in Malaysia.

Dream Factory Entertainment provides services such as Concert / Music / Music Festival production, consultation, songs & film production, corporate launching event, nightlife & club events.

Founder Profile



Born & raised in Malaysia, Isaac has over 10 years of experience in the music & entertainment industry.

He is professional in film production and multi-lingual talented. His remarkable works including being the producer of the MV of Asian rapper Manchuker and his collaboration with famous lyrics writer Vincent Fang (方文山) in one of the songs entitled 泪不停 in Landy Wen's album. Isaac has gain his name as the international creative young producer.

Eileen Tan

Origin from Malaysia, Eileen has more than 8 years of experience in this industry. She has good connections with a lot of artists and has been managing some of the European and American artist during their tour in Asia, namely Paris Hilton, 8ky 6lu, Redfoo, DJ Havana Brown, APL, Taboo, Mari Ferrari, DJ Soda and DJ Da Candy.

Eileen has great experiences in collaborating with numerous of Southeast Asian superstar such as Kimberly Chen, Queen Wei, DJ Bombshell, DJ TT, DJ Kaka, Tank, AP Manchuker, Sakamoto Zong Wei, Lara, Huang Zhi Wei, Tony Sun, 小宇宙, Makiyo, and etc.